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Public Insurance Adjusters


by JAMES S. FELLER on 12/15/13

The most common question I get asked by people who suffer a loss to their home or business due to a fire, water, wind or other insured disasters is why they would need a Public Adjuster when they already have an adjuster from their insurance company to handle their claim.

The answer to this question is The Best Kept Secret in the Insurance Industry.

Overall a Public Adjuster sifts through the entire flood of bureaucratic procedures, red tape and countless other unforeseen headaches that come with settling an insurance claim.

A Public Adjuster represents YOU.  Your insurance adjuster represents their insurance company.  They do not work for you, technically.

Public Adjusters are licensed by the state to know your rights and obligations under your insurance policy so they can: a) review the entirety of your policy.  b) identify each nuance within it to decipher the  “small print” with clauses in it to ensure you receive ALL the BENEFITS owed to you; c) ensure you do not get shortchanged.

As some of you may already know, insurance companies try to pay as little as possible.  After all, they are in the business of collecting premiums, not giving them away.

Most people are ill prepared to deal with a property loss during such an emotional upheaval while a Public Adjuster is there to help you focus and concentrate on matters important at this time, such as, restoring your business operation or providing your family with life necessities such as housing, etc.

Therefore, I cannot stress enough the IMPORTANCE of a Public Adjuster to get your claim going in the right direction from the beginning.  This then ensures your claim begins on a strong foundation enabling your public adjuster to obtain the best possible recovery for you.